Home Defense Home Defense
Home Defense is an idle game that kill zombies to protect the witch's garden.
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ByeBye Monster ByeBye Monster

The Dark Lord robbed the kingdom's only princess. So let’s defeat powerful enemies to save the princess!

In battle, we learn powerful skills to resist the enemy's constant attack and challenge a variety of monsters with different skill combinations.

ByeBye MonsterByeBye MonsterByeBye MonsterByeBye MonsterByeBye Monster Click to download
Miner To Rich Miner To Rich
Miner to Rich is a unique tycoon game where you would bring the best miners to work for your mines. You will manage the mine shafts to get free idle cash when you're away or offline -- no internet connection is required!
Miner To RichMiner To RichMiner To RichMiner To RichMiner To Rich Click to download